Tom Brady’s official new jersey is selling briskly, #asexpected

The value in adding Tom Brady comes not only from what he can do as a football player but also as a revenue generator. Ticket sales are the starting point; jersey sales will also be big.

Now the he has a number and that his new team has a new uniform, the Tampa Bay TB12 is selling briskly. As expected.

According to Fanatics, Brady merchandise spiked 3,000 percent from Monday to Tuesday, the day on which the new Buccaneers uniform was released. The spike makes Brady the top-selling athlete across all sports, and it makes the Buccaneers the top-selling team.

And it surely will continue. Despite being with the Patriots for two decades, his jersey still continued to be among the best sellers in the league.

Given that the Bucs are paying Brady the same $25 million for 2020 that the Colts are paying Philip Rivers, Tampa Bay got a steal with their new quarterback. However long the relationship lasts, the Buccaneers will be one of the highest-profile teams in the league, with some of the best-selling merchandise.