Shilpa Shetty and Son Viaan Pluck Brinjals and Chillies from Their Garden to Make Baingan Bharta

Shilpa Shetty is mighty pleased with her garden’s produce. The actress, who promotes healthy living and clean eating, shared a video of her plucking brinjals and chillies from her own garden.

“Planted these seeds in pots 4 months ago and was thrilled to see brinjals and chillies ready to be harvested. As they say, what you sow, so you shall reap. Clean organic produce,” he said on Instagram.

The video shows Shilpa teaching her seven-year-old son Viaan how to pluck brinjals without damaging the plant. The kid seems excited to be plucking the vegetables from the garden.

She doesn’t let him touch the chillies though. The actress breaks into a happy dance to the song ‘Tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karun’ with the chillies in her hand.

“One of the greater joys of life is to see your efforts coming to fruition in this circle of life; whether it is about starting a new venture, seeing your child grow up or just the plants you nurture bearing vegetables and fruits for you to enjoy,” she said in her caption.

Shilpa has been enjoying her time with family members during the lockdown, engaging in various activities. A few days back she had shared a video of her son giving her a massage in exchange for a cake.